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Letter from the Editors:
October 28, 2007

Greetings to our readers and contributors!  We want to thank you for your participation in making this website of service to our fellow Bisaya.  We also thank you for your confidence in our commitment to promote your articles, reunions, and upcoming events.

According to our metrics, we have hit the 4,000 mark in terms of site visits in a span of one month since our launch in September 27, 2007.  The strong participation rate that we achieved indicates that BBC welcomed the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and comments in a candid and confidential manner.  We are overwhelmed with this positive accomplishment.  The month passed with so much fun and excitement in being able to interact with our contributors and readers.  It started with the organization of the “Bisaya Summer Picnic” that launched a thousand and one ideas, thus was born. After a lot of brainstorming and the formation of our trio, we made a big step in going out of our comfort zones and venture into the bigger picture.  All these ideas were borne out of spontaneity and guts.  We took the big step of squeezing ourselves to Manny Pacquiao & Freddie Roach’s tight schedule amidst the media frenzy, a challenging accomplishment despite the “manang” issue (laugh.. it’s a private joke).  Our email interview and article of Bobby Taboada of the Arnis/Escrima martial arts sport was a humbling experience because our proposal to interview was warmly received by the Hall of Famer himself.  Other events such as the 80th Birthday coverage of our dear Tita Leoncia Antigua-Esmas was to pay tribute to a grand dame, the article on the Clarinians USA Fiesta took us back to our roots in Bohol, the DAUSA (Danao Assoc USA) Medical Mission was a showcase of collective philantrophy, and the following in sequential order:  Citibankers, USC BHS 69’ers, and PAL’s annual reunion shows how these events strengthens our camaraderie from different perspectives.  Thank you to Myrfi Gonzalez for sharing her crusade on her advocacy on filipino education through various scholarships available through the internet.  This widened everyone’s horizons and made us visualize that indeed there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We have also identified areas of opportunity that we will pursue as part of our continuing service to our fellow Bisaya.  Our “Sikwate Talk” by Annie B. Steele covers on life’s journeys, perception and perspectives, our “WOW Bisaya” section shows beautiful pictures of the global traveling Bisaya (send in more pictures, please), the “Food and Dining” section of Gerry Malixi enumerates the dishes that brings us back to our familiar taste buds wherever we may be.  Our “Tabu-an Market” and “Professional Services is still into its development stage.  And lastly, watch out for our “Trivia”.  This is coordinated by our Game Master, Felix S. Tan Jr. who always comes up with his creative game antics.

To all our contributors and readers, this website is for your representation in any endeavor that you can contribute.  We are confident that we will be able to make this website the choice of every global Bisaya and the Bisaya at heart through affiliations and networking.

“It is when we collaborate that we create.”

Thank you so much.


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