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*I really have fun last Saturday. Good Job. Looking for the next Cebu event. Christ'l Esmas Mendoza

this is will be good and we will end up like the Bohol yearly parties. this will grow and grow na pwerting dako-a na gyud that we will need a monthly newletter! --we need a gossip column too!!
Delsa Sy Tan

*Hi!  It was very nice to see you last Saturday.  My family and I had so much fun.  Just in case you don't have this, here's a message of thanks from the picnic organizers.
I would like to thank May, Tisay and Tata for organizing a hugely successful event.  More power to you.
Best regards,
Celia Macachor Wheeler

*Hi guys, here's my pictures from the picnic. It was wonderful to see long lost friends from Cebu. We all had fun and looking forward to the next. Thanks to May and Tisay. More power to you and all the Bisaya in So Cal. Keep cool.
Fiza Ynclino Du
Click here pictures from Dinah B. Katindig
Guest List

Delsa & Felix Sy-Tan
Rosalie Japitana-Ricafort
Auralee Dela Cruz-Sepulveda
Eddie Bueno
Gerry Malixi
Greg, Tisay, and Justin Martinez-Sepulveda
Stella & Mackenzie Antigua-Peyton
Bob & Ellen Divinagracia-Laurente
Mariel Briones
Nicole Williams
Melvin & Claribel Ybanez-Ybanez
Hazel Ybanez-Tamondong
Joe and Tippin Borromeo-Cemore
Raymond, Gail, & Paige Torrefranca-Solano
Ashley Solano
Vicky, Brian, Amanda, and Christian Dingal-Ybanez
Cristina Corominas-Ybanez
Dinah & Ella Bertulfo-Katindig
Winnie & (Son) Murillo
Tom, Celia, Nina & Georgia Macachor-Wheeler
Grace Salonga
Marichu Celis & Family
JoAn Alcoseba
Stephen & Carmel Alcoseba
Manolo & Carmen Pilapil-Burgos
Cynthia Burgos
Maribeth Jumao-as Macalintal
Pete & Lotus Gonzalez-Mallari
Venus Gonzalez
Mitos Gonalez
Marichu Jumao-as Layug
Elizabeth Castillo-Egger
Alana & Family (Stevenson Ranch)
George, Juanita and Jeffrey Summers
Dr. Jun de Guia
Flor Ynclino
Jing Ynclino
Gerry, Fiza & (Son) Ynclino-Du
Felicia (Tata) Ynclino
Dorothy & Megan Bertulfo-Espeleta
Suzette Camello
Dr. Danette Esmas-Ergina
Rene & Christl Esmas-Mendoza
Mike & May Toling-Mediano
Francis & Mia Toling-Mediano
Bibian, Liza and JB Sepulveda
Eric Romero & (Daughter) Romero
Maddie Romero-Filart & (Mommy) Romero
Bluey Castillo & Family

Click here pictures from Fiza Y. Du
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Bisaya Summer Picnic
Click here pictures from Tisay M. Sepulveda
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Maria went to town (This video is hilarious!)
Cucumber relay video. This is hilarious too!
Adult Tug of War
STC vs. Immaculada
Society columnist of The Freeman, Flor S. Ynclino does her annual visit to Los Angeles, California to visit her children and grandson in Orange County.  It was within this time frame that she participated in our groundbreaking bi-yearly Bisaya picnic in Anaheim Hills, CA.  Her article, dated October 21, 2007 says it all. 
The Freeman is Cebu’s oldest newspaper in circulation since 1919.