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We are the trio who spearheaded this website (BBC).  We are affiliated way back from a network of colleges and universities, family backgrounds, social clubs, and professional/religious affiliations in Cebu. 
Our Mission is to reach out to all of bisayâ ancestry and our Vision is to create and expand a strong camaraderie not only in Southern California but throughout US and all over the globe. We represent the minority group of “bisayâ” that has transplanted from our roots predominantly in Cebu and migrated to the US from the mid 70’s to late 90’s and up to the present. We wish to make an informal group by way of creating this website to increase our networking and strive to uphold the 40% population of “Bisayâ” among the Filipino migrants here in Southern California.  
Based on an excerpt from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia:
     “The Visayans are the largest ethnic group in the Philippines. They primarily
       live in the Visayas and northeastern Mindanao but others have migrated
       elsewhere in the Philippines , including Manila. Several linguistic groups in
       the Philippines comprise the Visayans: The largest of these groups are the
       speakers of Cebuano, Hiligaynon and Waray-Waray. We are estimated at
       40 to 46% of the Philippine population and more than 40% of Filipinos have
       Visayan ancestry or identify as Visayan.  From a geopolitical standpoint, the
       Philippine region of the Visayas is comprised of the following islands: Panay,
       Romblon, Guimaras, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, Leyte, Biliran and Samar.”
Together we can create a core networking group to promote our profession, talent, business/product,  ideas, and share the common interest of uplifting the culture of the “binisayâ“ - meaning the way of the Bisayâ.

Left to Right--
Stella Antigua Peyton, May Toling Mediano, Teresa Martinez Sepulveda
Our Purpose
Visayans around the world will be united by a common purpose – to enhance and expand our identity through networking.
Our Core Values
Integrity--We strive to be honest and ethical in our publication.  We hold on to our commitments and treat our contributors with mutual respect and trust.
Contributors--Our contributors are our most valuable resource; they make our success possible.  We respect and encourage our fellow Bisayâ, their ideas, diversity, and cultures.
Readers--Our success is measured by the continued interest of our readers.

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