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Gamemaster: Felix S. Tan, Jr.
Are you a true Bisaya?

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the Bisaya Trivia Challenge and we hope you enjoyed answering Bisaya 101. Two entries which have the most correct answers have been chosen. The winners will be awarded a gift pack of truly Bisaya products: tablea from Lola Andrea's, Bueno Gourmet Tuyo, Bueno Spanish Sardines, Buwad Danggit, and Titay's rosquillos.

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Contest Rules:
1 – The contest is open to all U.S. residents only, 18 years of age and older except promotional partners and immediate families of organizers, their successors, agents, and affiliates of the sponsors.
2 – Contest period is from November 15 - December 15, 2007.  Answer all the questions and all entries must be submitted by 12-15-07 2330 PST. Contestants may also email the answers to Attn: The Gamemaster at Include your name, home address, telephone number and email as point of contact.
3 – Two winners will be chosen based on the top two entries who have given the best possible and correct answers.
4 – The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded.
5 – Decisions of the contest judges are final – no substitutions will be available.
6 – By claiming the prize, the winners authorize the use, without additional compensation of her or her name for promotion in any manner which BisayaBulletin may deem appropriate.  This includes posting the winner’s name and answers to the 25 questions in trivia page.    
7 – In accepting the prize, the winners acknowledge that BisayaBulletin is not held liable for any loss or damages associated with accepting or using the prize.
8 – Any false information provided within the context of the Contest by any participant concerning identity, postal address, email address, telephone number, may result in the immediate disqualification of the participant from the Contest
9 – Limit one entry per email address.
10 – Prizes will be awarded to the winners on December 25th, Christmas Day as our gift in observance of the Holidays.

The answers are in red:

1. Oldest street in the Philippines? Colon
2. One of the world's smallest monkey/primate found commonly in Bohol? tarsier
3. The Phillipines' "City of Smiles"? Bacolod
4. Capital city of Negros Oriental? Dumaguete
5. Situated in Daanbatayan, Cebu, this island is a recent discovery for diving afficionados? Referred to as the "Bounty Beach" Malapascua
6. Cebu's much awaited annual fiesta? Sinulog
7. Rajah Humabon's adviser who was believed to have originated the Sinulog dance steps? Baladhay
8. Cebu's current governor? Gwendolyn Garcia
9. Archbishop of Cebu? Cardinal Julio Vidal
10. A famous landmark in Cebu city - __________'s Cross? Magellan
11. A Cebuano delicacy served in rectangular bars wrapped in white paper, originating from Mandaue, Cebu. Made of finely mashed peanuts on sugar syrup? masareal
12. Cebus' yam snack in coconut milk - cooked with gabi, camote, ube, gardaba and landing on hot coconut milk? binignit
13. Cebu's hanging rice made out of woven coconut palm leaves? puso'
14. A famous garlic noodle soup with origins from LA PAZ, Iloilo? batchoy
15. A famous three-tiered waterfall along the mountain springs of Badian, Cebu? Kawasan Falls
16. A highly industrialized city in the province of Cebu? Mandaue
17. Cebu's suckling pig roasted over charcoal? inasal
18. A favorite crackling made of fried pork rinds and belly? chicharon
19. Cebu's prominent barbeque joint located in uptown Fuente Osmeña? Larsian's
20. Cebu's pride - a specialty appetizer which is a fusion of lumpia and dumpling made from "special ingredients"? ngohiong
21. Product of the Negros provinces, this sweet and flaky flatbread is made with mozcovado (raw) sugar? piyaya
22. Famous Ilonggo leading the Propaganda Movement and established LA Solidaridad? Graciano Lopez-Jaena
23. Noted Bol-anon who started an 85-year revolt against the Spaniards in 1744? Dagohoy
24. A native of Bohol, he was 8th president of the Philippines from 1957-1961? Carlos P. Garcia
25. The Philippines' first Protestant school found in Dumaguete City? Siliman University

Joy Conklin
Originally from Cebu City now living in Northern California
Jacinto Pacana
Originally from Cebu City now living in Northern California
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