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Second Bisaya Summer Picnic
PEOPLE PLACES By Flor S. Ynclino
Article reprinted from The Freeman dated November 6, 2008
February 21, 2009

May Mediano, Stella Antigua-Peyton and Teresa Sepulveda, organizers par excellence, once again called on all Bisaya-speaking Cebuanos to another whole day picnic at an Anaheim park two full moons ago. The response was unexpectedly terrific. Surprisingly, more than a hundred Sugbuanons came – a record indeed.

This time, the picnic was held for a cause especially since Sister Marcia “nihangyo ug hinabang” for her street children feeding program at the hills in Banawa. She has been doing this mission for the past years, reason that May and other Cebuanos came to the fore to give whatever the group could collect from those who came to the picnic.
Early morning on that day, the menfolk had a golf tournament, proceeds of which were also given to the coffers of Sis. Marcia. The funds may not be considerable but at least, the Bisaya group has extended some financial help.

Kudos to the Bisaya group, especially May Mediano, Teresa Sepulveda, Raymond and Gayle Solano, Dinah Katindig and many others for their unstinted support and for opening their hearts to the hundreds of less fortunate children of our dear old Cebu – to mention in particular the indigents in the hills of Banawa.

From the organizers of the 2nd Bisaya Summer Picnic comes their heartfelt thanks to everyone who in one way or another made the affair “an unmitigated success!” Ciao and see you next year.
Sr. Marcia accepts the donation from Teresa Sepulveda accompanied by Doni Antigua and Mrs. Teresita Antigua
A visit from Roger Moore, one of Dangpanan's celebrity donorAutographed picture from Roger MooreA recognition award for Sr. Marcia
Golf tournament at the Trilogy Golf Club, Glen Ivy California golfers
Photo credit Teresa M. Sepulveda
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