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Happy Bisaya Picnic Day!
from the Trio Ladies,
July 10, 2008

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to and helped make the 1st BisayaBulletin.Com (BBC) Charity Golf Tournament and 2nd Bisaya Summer Picnic unmitigated successes.  You have all been instrumental in the reaching of these milestones and we would like to acknowledge your shining, bold spirits and accomplishments.

Joel Daclan for winning Closest to the Pin on Hole # 9 and Tani Toremoca, who won the Long Drive on Hole # 10.  For their efforts they each received a box of Titleist golf balls donated by Rene Mendoza, the tournament director.
Glenn Kawakami, who made the shot Closest to the Pin on Hole # 14, thereby receiving a copy of the coffee-table book "Beach House" donated by BBC.
Roland Ching, who had the 1st Place score of 70, accepting a gift certificate from Roger Dunn donated by BBC and a gift card from donated by Dinah Bertulfo-Katindig.
And we applaud our stoic tournament director, Rene Mendoza, who tied the 1st Place score of 70 with a "buy in for golf play" and was awarded a Roger Dunn gift certificate for a pair of golf shoes. (Click here to view players' golf scores)

Our warm appreciation for all those who brought their favorite food, soda and dessert to feed the hungry souls and for those who cheerfully and effusively made the games thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining.  Participants like Pacita Imbong-Kash and Gayle Torrefranca-Solano, who triumphed in the Trivia rounds;

Mia Mediano, whose limberness in the Limbo contest was a sight to behold; and the folks from south of Fuente Osmena as its demarcation line whose superior strength went unrivaled in the Tug-of-War against the north of Fuente.

Our praise to William and Yoli Quirante who wolfed down plantains in record time to win the Banana Eating contest and to the people who swiftly tracked down and presented the items called out in the Treasure Hunt.  Of course, we are deeply grateful to Felix Tan, our dynamic gamemaster, who kept the game activities functioning like a finely tuned machine, and for the invaluable help of JJ Jabines, Justin Jabines and Nanet Farrales Ramirez in setting up.

Kudos also to Balintawak Grandmaster Nene Gaabucayan and his students for their fine demonstration of the Arnis martial arts, where Greg Sepulveda debuted his new abilities after having studied with the Grandmaster for the past few months.

We especially give thanks for the unfettered joy of the children, whose gleeful play and mirthful jocularity provided a buoyant undertone to the proceedings.

Special mention to the the May birthday celebrants - the Trio Ladies, Claribel Ybanez, Paige Solano, Cris Florido, Greg Sepulveda, Jun Ergina and Greg Burgos - and to Kim Cabanig and Dinah Bertulfo-Katindig, who won the business card raffle and general raffle, respectively.  We also commend the new faces at the picnic who introduced themselves in brave fashion.  And to those who donated for the benefit of Sr. Marcia but were unable to attend, we felt your uplifting energy fill and vitalize us.

Most of all, we profusely thank our sponsors - Gil "Kulas" Maningo, Don Bosco HS Batch '76, Dr. Danette E. Ergina, Cris Florido of Papillon Vegetarian Cuisine and Grille, Jollibee at Cerritos, Goldilocks, Rita Burgos of WAIORA, Ana and Ramon Quijano of Akoni Fashions and Trends, Berto's Lechon, Zee Publications, Eddie Bueno, Jojo Jabines, Evelyn Castanares, Rowena Murillo, Precy Marban and Lorna Lardizabal of Filipinas Magazine.  Without your generosity, none of this would have been possible.

Once again, thank you all and we hope to see you next year!

To all the golfers, who not only gave their best on the golf course, but also gave of themselves for the betterment of the street children of Sister Marcia of Good Shepherd in Banawa, Cebu City.  Namely, Greg Sepulveda, Greg Burgos, Rene Mendoza, Pete Mallari, Jonathan Caritan, Garnet Caritan, Mark Capitan, Alan Abrina, Joel Daclan, Gil Lerias, Roland Ching, Joe Cemore, Jesse Cogswell, Jojo Jabines, Richard Yap, Cris Florido, Glenn Kawakami, Chet Khay and Tani Toremoca.

We pay tribute and offer our congratulations to the outstanding players who garnered the prizes at stake:
View photos from Picnic 2008
Bisaya golfers preparing to tee off at the Trilogy Golf Club, California
Jojo Jabines, Joel Daclan, Richard Yap, Joe Cemore, Jesse Cogswell, Rene Mendoza, Raymond Solano, Greg Sepulveda, Glenn Kawakami, Cris Florido
Greg Burgos, Greg Sepulveda, Joel Daclan & Jojo Jabines
Tani ToremocaC & Cris Florido
Rolando Ching & Gil Lerias
Rene Mendoza, Glen Kawakami, Chet Khay
Joy Sison Pensado, Rosalie Japitana Philbin & Maribel Salonga
Sylvia Albulario & Danette Esmas Ergina
Dinah Katindig flanked by Mel & Aida Mercado
Christ'l Esmas Mendoza & Cherry Corpin
Tita Antigua, Mrs. Roska-Opus, Doming Antigua
Francis Mediano & Ulysees Toling
Bisaya kids
Mia Mediano & Ashley Solano
Jesse Cogswell, Joe Cemore, Rosalie & Joy
Paul Uytengsu & Raymond Solano
Bea Dumon, Anika Corpuz, Adrian Espeleta, Eric Uytengsu
Nannette Ramirez, Lilia Toling, Evelyn Cabrera, Pacita Imbong Kash
Bibiana Abadiez-Saari, Ariel Sepulveda, Ning Barrido, Teresa & Justin Sepulveda, Stella & Mackenzie Peyton, Doming & Tita Antigua & Greg Sepulveda
Gerry Malixi, Sylvia Albulario, Frank Esmas, Danette Ergina, Christ'l Mendoza & Jun Ergina
May, Mia & Francis Mediano
Lalaine and Roy Wong
Frank Esmas, Jojo & Justin Jabines
Chika-chika with Pacita, Vivian, Amy, Aida, Sandra Santiago-Ruchdaschel, Joy, Maribel & Lisa
Melot Maderazo and guests
The Bertulfo family--Dinah Katindig, Eric & Daisy Uytengsu, Dotty & Adrian Espeleta
Arnisador--Nene Gaabucayan
Jojo Jabines with sons JJ and Justin
Ana Martinez Quijano & Ramon Quijano
Salie Thomas, Tippin & Joe Cemore & Jesse Cogswell
Ariel Sepulveda, Ning Barrido, Bibiana Abadiez-Saari, Joy Pensado, Rosalie, Maribel Salonga, Inon Cabatingan
Jonathan & Garnet Caritan
The Solanos-Raymond, Gayle, Ashley & Paige
Yolly & William Quirante with kids
Cris Florido & family
Richard Yap and Family
May, Joy & Rosalie
Don Bosco Cebu Alumni HS 76
Enjoying the lechon
and enjoying more lechon
Game of Trivia
Limbo Rock
The Cemores in the banana contest
The Solanos
The Uytengsus
Kids' "Pabitin"
Taga South of Fuente Osmena
Taga Norte of Fuente Osmena
Golf Director--Rene Mendoza
Kim Cabanig - Business Card Raffle Winner
Eric Uytengsu & Ashley Solano
Pacita Imbong-Kash, Trivia Winner
The Limbo Rock Winners (Adult & Child Division) won gift certificates from Jollibee Cerritos
Video Playlist of the Bisaya Picnic 2008
Teresa Sepulveda, Justin Jabines & Stella Peyton

Photo credits: Stella Peyton, Teresa Sepulveda, Jabines Family