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The "Dangpanan Project" is the primary receipient of's charitable endeavours. See below on how you can help the street children of Cebu.

A Refuge for Cebu's Street Children
by Sr. Mary Marcia Antigua, Good Shepherd Convent
May 7, 2008

History and rationale
We started our work with street children in 1986 when the presence of street children was getting so disturbing, sleeping in the sidewalks and market places. Since I was working in the carbon market area and the slums of Ermita, I had to rescue the teenagers who are prone to be exploited and abused.
The Project is called "Dangpanan" meaning a safe place or a refuge.
First we rented a small apartment in the market but with the increasing number of girls who came for help we were able to build a Center in Laray Inayawan, Pardo. But the people in the carbon market area did not want us to stop the program with the children there so we had a small drop in place in the market place where we also have a day care center for the children of the vendors in the market area.
Our vision
That every child will be afforded opportunities for education and Christian development in child-friendly community where families are empowered and poverty alleviated
Our mission
To empower the children  and families by providing opportunities for  education, personal development to become responsible, participative and self reliant members of our society.
To provide the children with opportunities for an integrated full human development through developing a positive self-image, experience wholesome personal relationship, learning self-reliance and responsibilities recovery from deprivation and abuse, eventually to return to their families  and become participating and useful citizens in the community

Programs and Services
1. Residential care- Temporary shelter care
2. Formal education-educational sponsorship assistance
3. Non-formal education - Tutorial services, Christian values formation, Life -skills  development, Health care, Socio cultural development
4.Out-reach program - community based educational support for out-of- school youths
5. Parents effectiveness seminars and spiritual formation
6. Referrals and Linkages

Street children and children in high moral risk in need of special protection-age range-  5 -l8 yrs living in the market stalls, destitute parents, neglected or maltreated or exploited or victims of abuse who are willing to go to school.

Geographical coverage:   Ermita, Carbon, Taboan, Pier, Mabolo, Laray, Labangon, Banawa, Tisa, Buhisan, Punta

We have two Centers at present
St. Mary Euphrasia  in Laray, Inayawan Pardo for the
Elementary and high school students
Blessed Maria Droste Center in Banawa hills for the
college and vocational students. 

For those who would like to pledge a donation to
"Dangpanan", you can type in your email info here:


Daghang Salamat! to our generous DONORS:
1. Alex & Evelyn Todd
2. Ed Bueno
3. Rowena Murillo
4. Cebu Gift Shoppe
Merlita & Sister Marcia
Blessed Maria Droste Center in Banawa Hills for college girls
St. Mary Euphrasia Rondalla practice session

St. Mary Euphrasia Training Center in Laray Inayawan, Pardo