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The Bisaya Summer Picnic 2011
by May T. Mediano
June 19, 2011

This  year’s picnic held at Point Vicente Park in the scenic Palos Verdes Peninsula gathered an intimate group and guests from as far as Florida, Texas, Manila and from our very own Cebu.  It was a fun filled day starting with the meet and greet of friends and acquaintances that have not connected over a period of years.
Each family brought their special favorite dish and dessert and not to mention, the two “inasals” specially flavored and distinct to our famous Cebu style of roasting; to the grilled fish and tempura silverfish cooked Cebuano style, a crock pot of Jambalaya soup which was very delicious, and other mouth watering dishes and native delicacies and desserts.
The venue was picturesque, dramatically poised overlooking a surreal view of the Pacific Ocean, the seaside tracing the cliffs and a spectacular view of the Point Vicente lighthouse. The picnic wrapped up with the most beautiful glowing sunset which elicited the photo enthusiasts to start clicking their cameras.
The hat was passed around that afternoon and thank you very much to all the attendees for your support and cash donations to the Dangpanan project--
Elly Verallo Delavin with son Jay, Pepa Verallo Esparago, Mario & Stella Verallo, Joey Jurado, Julian Climaco, Polly Antigua, Therese & Megan Gordon, Tess Albulario & daughter Angela, Barbara Villacin, Sylvia Albulario Baena, Mary Ann del Prado-Kwek, Ruby Mendoza Grapa, Gail Taracatac Galang, Suyen Angbetic, Helen Zhao, Mabel & Allan Acampado, Raymond, Gayle & Paige Solano, Susie Solano Ignacio, Jeff Low, Nilda Buslon, Jun & Danette Ergina, Don Ergina, Geyo Esmas, Chito Esmas, Doni Antigua, Gil Cabatingan, Joy Sison Pensado, Rene & Christ'l Mendoza, Joe & Tippin Borromeo Cemore, Jesse Cogswell, Fannie Guanzon, Lily Richards, Carol Sutton, Pacita Kash, Derrick & Lourdes Kash, Christopher Jay, Zenia, CK & NK Soon, Sherry Florido, Guy & Sandra Ruckdaschel, Topet & Noena Regner, Melvin & Claribel Ybanez, Jun de Guia, William & Rowena Murillo Waller, Pinky Murillo and Alden Salazar.

Photo by Jay Christopher Soon
Photo Gallery by Stella Peyton
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