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Cebu Lechon--"THE BEST PIG EVER"!
by Annie B. Steele
March 20, 2009

Anthony Bourdain says, “And speaking of pig? It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I've had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best. This puts the standings in the Hierarchy of Pork as follows:
#1 Philippines;
#2 Bali;
#3 Puerto Rico…”
the heartfelt words from a celebrity chef, author, and intrepid traveler.

Bourdain may not be the first foreigner entertained with such sumptious local fare. Going back in history, by account of Pigafetta’s chronicle of Magellan’s voyage to Cebu in 1521, our locals offered “black pigs” to roast with cakes of rice wrapped in leaves and roast fish.  This is the real meal of the locals and with the abundance of coconuts, their by products such as vinegar blended as a “sawsawan” for the inasal and roast/grilled fish to go with the rice wine “tuba” for “sumsuman”.  Hmmmmm, this familiar menu existed for 500 years even before the Spaniards arrived.  It must be very delicious being real, authentic, and very native for the Cebuanos.
Lechón, is the Spanish word for suckling pig and Inasal, in Cebuano, which connotes a whole roasted pig.  The preparation of the traditional inasal requires tons of lemongrass “tanglad” stuffed into the pig with salt, pepper corn, green onions basted with secret marinated juices, skewed on a green bamboo pole and slowly roasted over an open pit of charcoal.  Together with the freshest gems from the sea such as kinilaw, crabs, fish, octopus, mussels, oysters, shrimps, squids, and seaweed salads, etc., the inasal is the communal feast on every table.
So watch on and experience Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Cebu, known for its tastiest and crispy lechon, in the heart of its origins, the town of Talisay, Cebu. What a magical treat!  

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