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Viva Pit Senyor 2011!
by Selena Torres
January 15, 2011

Drums, synchopated beats, rhythm in unison with the heart and a thousand feet stomping to the ground sends pulses to the body.  The irresistible fever of Sinulog and ritual street dancing is a symbol of Christian faith and the country's pagan past. From all over the world, every January is essentially a celebration of LIFE of the Infant Jesus. People wave their hands and hold the image to dance the syncopated beat to ask for favors and blessings. Festival dancers form a carousel of pomp and pageantry with a festival queen holding up the sacred icon in a ritual dance.  This is the festival and cultural ritual of the Sinulog.
The religious celebration, or "Fiesta Senor" is as important as the cultural celebration of Sinulog. People go for the novena masses then proceed with feasting on food sponsored by families, the tradition of pana-ad and  "maghikay". We observe the religious as well as the cultural rituals of Sinulog with pomp and splendor.

Currently, the interest of Sinulog has eclipsed a worldwide celebration in various parts of the globe. The mother of all Sinulog happens on the 3rd Saturday of January in Cebu City. In Southern California, the religious and ritual celebration were observed in various cities in Arcadia, Buena Park, Long Beach, and San Bernardino. Let us not forget the rich heritage of our religion as well as the cultural aspect of celebrating the Feast of Senor Santo Nino.  Pit Senor!
Sinulog Photo Gallery:     Santo Nino Association     Panaad  ni Ingkong Angelo        Sinulog sa Culver City
Santo Nino Association of Southern California
Photo Credit: Augs Mayol
Panaad ni Angkong Angelo
Photo Credit: Rafael Acampado
Sinulog sa Culver City, California
Photo Credit: Mikey Gatal