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The Surprising Taste of Fats
November 24, 2007
by Annie B. Steele

I was trying to live well.  Love life and live for love.  Not that I want to be the all so loving girl but live a life to be loved as well.  Abundance of love is living your best.  Love life – that’s the surprising taste of fats. 
No coffee is good without latte.  No food is good without butter.  In Visayan, no lechon is good without the skin.  And no life is good without the fats.  But just like how we eat, we spread the fats evenly to taste, and in life, we spread the goodness constantly to satisfy, neither superficial nor sporadic but abundantly even.
When we eat three grams of fats in faith, hope, and love, we reap gazillion taste of fats in faith, hope, and love.  When we sow, we abundantly reap.  I placed my trust in every effort to survive through various complexities and the blessings surpass all tribulations all because we sow so much love, hope and faith in all.  The taste of fat gives us the feeling of fullness and satisfaction, and living the good life gives us the feeling of happiness and contentment.
Live your best and love life!  Be like the drunken pumpkins.  You’ll rise from the table as thankful as when you first sat down.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!

Sikwate Talk - “Over a cup of sikwate”
Sit, relax, and enjoy what life’s got to offer.  Like a cup of “sikwate”, it’s dark, raw, pure, and sweetened to taste.  That’s how the journey is.  Like falling leaves, it’s family re-tracing its roots and going back to the basics.  This section will feature what life’s got to offer OVER A CUP OF “SIKWATE”.  Look forward to more articles.  It’s the “sikwate” talk.