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A Message of Thanks..Sikwate talk
by Teresa Martinez Sepulveda
November 14, 2007

        As we travel our journey enveloped in the gift of life, we sometimes ponder at the whys and how's of everyday undertakings. At this moment, I take a breath of awe and reflect on how  communication has evolved.  A sweeping revolution started with the creation of the internet has brought everyone within reach almost at the speed of light. The creation of this website, BBC, is just a spec of the gazillions of aggregates trying to bring a cohesion of persona in the vast worldwide web. How do we master this fabric and imitate a  spider, perfect and able to catch, spin a trajectory, weave  and trek uncouthly with ease on a tightrope seemingly defying the laws of friction? Undo it's woven art and within hours there goes the spider's web back on it's tracks allowing the beauty of the dewdrops to shimmer in perfect symmetry against  the morning light.

        My  experience at BBC has taught me that the challenge remains in all forms with the same criteria.  Whether far or near, ancient or modern, simple or sophisticate, popular or isolated, current or behind, young or old, mutifaceted or diverse, rich or poor, few or abundant, the need for the fundamental skill to relate stays and remain the same since time in memorial.

Relationships are king and are the very core of life's gifts. 

Ang maayong pag daig og tagad sa usag usa mao ray labi sa tanan. In behalf of BBC, daghang salamat sa pag du-aw og pag-alagad kanamo.

We thank God for Life and the gift of relationships.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sikwate Talk - “Over a cup of sikwate”
Sit, relax, and enjoy what life’s got to offer.  Like a cup of “sikwate”, it’s dark, raw, pure, and sweetened to taste.  That’s how the journey is.  Like falling leaves, it’s family re-tracing its roots and going back to the basics.  This section will feature what life’s got to offer OVER A CUP OF “SIKWATE”.  Look forward to more articles.  It’s the “sikwate” talk.