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Our Broader Perspectives on Adventure
by Annie B.Steele
October 24, 2007

         For many of us, we think of “adventure” as trekking to the four corners of the globe, either lulling in the white sand beaches of Boracay, safari hunting in Africa, enjoying a cruise in the Alaskan wilderness, or better searching for that Shangrila in the Himalayas.  But adventure starts with your state of mind.  Even the simplest drive to and from work, or chatting with a stranger in the elevator, or exploring a new path in your daily drive - can bring a sense of richness to life. 

           Everyday is an adventure. Even small things into the unknown such as forecasting tomorrow's weather, planning a party for the weekend, or simply surprising your special someone is a pivotal experience of your own.
Sikwate Talk - “Over a cup of sikwate”
Sit, relax, and enjoy what life’s got to offer.  Like a cup of “sikwate”, it’s dark, raw, pure, and sweetened to taste.  That’s how the journey is.  Like falling leaves, it’s family re-tracing its roots and going back to the basics.  This section will feature what life’s got to offer OVER A CUP OF “SIKWATE”.  Look forward to more articles.  It’s the “sikwate” talk.
          We have relationships that we constantly cultivate to a fertile ground for our everyday adventures. We say "yes" to an invitation that we hesitate, or say "no" that is routine, it is our answers that pave the path that we choose. Can we take a risk? We can do something that is out of our comfort zone, perhaps bridge that gap to someone we haven't spoken in years, or re-invent yourself and do something that is out of the ordinary and imminently we just trekked the longest hike we've had... an adventure within the realms of our minds. Haven't we explored new territory?

           Now I can say that not only the world is our backyard but the exploration of our state of mind brings us to anew conversational territory, too, from our daily grinds to the most extreme. But no matter, it's the waking up to spontaniety of the present that makes us embrace the spirit of our everyday adventure - it's that adventurous bunch in us, exploring the realms of the unknown, and only in our state ofmind.