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St. Theresa’s College, High School Batch 83: The Tradition Continues
By Marilou Cruz-Rodriguez
Toronto, Canada
March 8, 2010

Time...there's never enough of it. Nothing reflects this more through the years than the time when the holidays are here. Because time is so precious, it is one of the best gifts you can give to others and yourself. This year, 25 Theresians (from batch 1983) and their special friends and family added December 5, 2009 on their calendars and "to do" list to celebrate their annual Christmas / high school reunion in San Diego, CA. This tradition started back in 1999 and each year, not only does it get better, but also, gets louder (literally!).  This wasn’t just your typical high school reunion. It was an evening of reconnecting with long-lost friends – for some, after more than 25 years - , re-establishing relationships with people we grew up with and re-living the tales of our crazy high school years. Everyone had stories to share from their memorable (and sometime infamous) days during Dramafest, SongFest, Intramurals, CAT, their favourite and not-so-favourite teachers….the list went on. It was also an opportunity to meet everyone’s families and special friends.

Guests not only came from around California but also flew in from Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, South Dakota and Canada!

Thanks to Christine Duterte-Patron and Vince Patron (a.k.a. the hosts and co-organizers), Cecily Laurito-Nelson (co-organizer), and Mylah Escalante–Naggar (co-organizer and along with her husband, Mike Naggar, who hosted Friday’s tour of Temecula’s finest wine country and Old Town). You’ve definitely raised the bar in organizing the best high school reunion ever!

Thanks to Mylah, Christine and Cecily (a.k.a. the organizers) for organizing a very memorable reunion!Angeli, Duts, Erla, ZenyAngeli Cabrera-Salas, Johanna Montilla-Lucia, Cecilia
Mangali-MuellerSunday brunch hosted by Vince and Christine Duterte-Patron Goodbye
- One of the longest goodbyes...Cehz, Dotty, Lucille and ZenyCynthia, Mylah and AngeliHannah and AngeliMolly. MC & RosaMylah and MydiSeated L-R: Era dela Victoria-Burgos, Daisy Bertulfo-Uytengsu,Gigi Esmas-Long, Marilou Cruz-Rodriguez, Lalaine Caneres-Wong, Christina Reynes, Rosa Ortega-Santos Standing: Cecily Laurito-Nelson"The"Christina Reynes, Marilou Cruz-Rodriguez, Cecily Laurito-NelsonVince and Dustie: Vince and Christine Duterte-Patron -  our gracious hosts
STC High School 83