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by Mia Magsaysay-Cuenco
July 21,2008

The emblem of St. Theresa’s College --- which is depicted on a field of gold and blue on which are imposed the cross and three stars --- became even more resplendent as the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, were reflected in tangible terms one fine day on May 17th, 2008. 

Indeed, St. Theresa’s College – Cebu High School Batch 1983 lifted up the banner of faithful courage and jubilant victory through loving service during the Medical/Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) at Don Bosco, Pasil.
The indefatigable efforts and astute organizational skills of Dr. Celerina Abellon-Oclaren, was so inspiring, the volunteers drew strength from her grit and determination.  It is not Celerina’s nature to flaunt her philanthropic endeavors, so I will take the liberty to declare to all and sundry that this lady is remarkable to say the very least!  The rest of the volunteers will undoubtedly reinforce the genuine compassion Dr. Celerina has for her vocation since she devotes two days a week to hold a free clinic at this site.

Pediatricians – Dr’s. Celerina, Laura Jean Cerna, and Janice Lawas - attended to countless children while Dr. Yvette Lleva, OB-GYNE, Dr. Maricar Padilla as well as Dr. Cheryl Palanca, had their hands full as innumerable patients streamed into the gymnasium where the free clinic was being conducted.
Dentists Dr. Jera Marie Oporto and Dr. Jessica Gapusan had a caries-free campaign at the AVR and along with Dr. Grace Burgos, pulled their resources together to provide toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the children of Pasil.  A mobile dental van administered and operated by the Cebu Dental Society was stationed at the vicinity for dental fillings and tooth extractions.
Karen Vailoces and her team of pre-school teachers from her very own Christian pre-school, enraptured the young audience with their fun songs and stories and provided school supplies to the children who flocked to the venue.
An overwhelming outpouring of medications, vitamins, milk and educational supplies, seemed to replicate JESUS’ multiplication of loaves and fishes since each need was met, and more donations were accumulated, thanks to the donation of our countless donors
Always on the go, the team of volunteers ably assisted the medical crew:  Sheila Abaya, Joey Villacastin, Josie Fe Sybico, Lucille Bugarin, Carmel Rosales, Trixie Catane, Elaine Quijano, Girlie Maraya, Geraldine Deen, Anjanette Banis, Socorro Amparado, Faith Barrera, Rosemarie Holganza, and Elsie Letigio.
My role in this essay is simply that of a story-teller who has borne witness to the elite core of selfless volunteers of STC H.S. Batch 1983 who made the outreach program a resounding success. 
“Less for self, more for others, enough for all” was a battle cry reflected during this MEDCAP activity in full cognizance of STC’s motto to be a conduit of grace for others…


MEDCAP  May 17, 2008  8:00am-12:00pm  Don Bosco Youth Center @ Suba, Pasil, Cebu
    Assembly Time:  7:00-7:30am @ STC Carport
    Departure Time: 7:30am
    Attire:  Batch shirt (Navy blue w/ silver print)

I.  Dental Health Education/Dental consultation
    Headed by:  Dr. Jera Oporto
    Partners  :  Dr. Jessica Gapusan-Campado
                   Dr. Grace Burgos-Gonzales
                   Dr. Aida Balajadia
    Venue:  AVR
    Target Population:  3-6 years old  (200 kids)
    Give aways:  Toothbrush/toothpaste set
                     Vitamin samples
    Other activities:  Milk sampling (Gain plus/Nido/Bear Brand)
    Deworming (with signed consent)

II.  Adult Medical Consultation
   a.  Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Screening
         Headed by:  Dr. Mayleen Limchiu-Layco
         Partner:  Dr. Isidro
         Venue:  Rooms 1 & 2
         Target Population:  40 years old & above
                                   or less than 40 years old but high risk  (100 adults)
   b.  OB/Gyne Consultation
       Headed by:  Dr. Yvette Lleva-Garcia
       Partners:  Dr. Humility Melgar (HS Batch 84)
                     Geraldine Deen-Toyne
       Venue:  Room 3
       Target Population:  Pregnant women & women w/ gyne problems (100 adults)
       Give aways:  Vitamins

   c.  Mother's Class
       Headed by:  Joey Villacastin-Garcia
       Partner:  Lucille Española-Bugarin
       Venue:  Room 4
       Topic:  Breastfeeding / Infant and Child Care
       Target Population:  0-2 years old (100 babies)
       Give aways:  Vitamin drops
       Other activities:  Milk sampling (Gain plus for 1 year old or younger)

III. Health Education
   Topic:  Good Health Habits
   Target Population:  7-15 years old (300 kids)
   Give aways:  School Supplies
   Venue:  Room 5  for 7 years old  Lecturer:  Karen Vailoces-Reyes
               Room 6  for 8 years old  Lecturer:  Amor Reyes-Caparas
               Room 7  for 9 years old  Lecturer:  Girlie Maraya-Ang
               Room 8 for 10-12 years old  Lecturer:  Elsie Letigio-Melgar
               Room 9 for 13-15 years old  Lecturer:  Rosemarie Holganza-Borromeo

IV.  Pediatric Consultations
     Headed by:  Dr. Celerina Abellon-Oclarence
     Partners:  Dr. Janice Lawas-Polotan
                   Dr. Laura Jean Cerna-Jarina
                   Some volunteers from Batch 88
     Venue:  Gym
     Target Population:  200 kids
     Give aways:  Medicine samples

DISPENSING OF MEDICINES:  Sheila Abaya-Maximo, Josie Fe Sybico-Espiritu
FOOD COMMITTEE:  Rica Padilla-Go, Marites Alberca-Lichago
WATER              :  Trixie Catane-Adlawan
JUICE/PEPSI        : Rosemarie Holganza-Borromeo
PHYSICAL ARRANGEMENT/TRAFFIC:  Socorro Amparado-Tenedora, Anjan Banis-Hernandez


Headed by: Dr. Celerina Abellon-Oclarence (Pedia)
Dr. Laura Cerna-Jarina (Pedia)
Dr. Yvette Lleva-Garcia (Ob-Gyne)
Dr. Janice Lawas-Polotan (Pedia)
Dr. Rica Padilla-Go (Anesthesiologist)

Headed by:  Dr. Jera Marie Oporto
Dr. Jessica Gapusan-Campado

THE M.D.'s (Murag Doctor)  and LECTURERS
Headed by:  Joey Villacastin-Garcia
Elsie Letigio-Melgar                        Anjanette Banis-Hernandez
Carmel Rosales-Tolentino              Elaine Quijano-Songkit
Geraldine Deen-Toyne                    Cheryl Palanca
Trixie Catane-Adlawan                  Stephanie Seno-Medalle
Karen Vailoces-Reyes                    Lucille Española-Bugarin
Faith Barrera-Buñing                      Girlie Maraya-Ang
Mia Magsaysay-Cuenco                  Rosemarie Holganza-Borromeo
Socorro Amparado-Tenedora          Sheila Abaya-Maximo
Josie Fe Sybico-Espiritu

Dr. Sheila Cabatingan
Marirose Villacastin-Maghuyop

Dr. Isidro (Cardiologist)
Dr. Sally Lou Barral (dentist:  tooth extraction & restoration)
Dr. Renejoyce  (dentist:  tooth extraction & restoration)
USP College of Nursing Level 3 (25 pax) headed by Ms. Jeth
Wilbert Ang (husband of Girlie Maraya-Ang)
Jelly Ann Narciso (Chong Hua Hospital Reg. Nurse c/o Joey Villacastin-Garcia)
Jana Elaine, daughter of Elaine Quijano-Songkit
Samanth Louise Toyne (daughter of Geraldine Deen-Toyne)
Grace, Jen & Barbie (Teachers from the school of Karen Vailoces-Reyes)
Angela Olis (Metro Pharma Phils. c/o Dr. Yvette Lleva-Garcia)           
Lynda Anne Antones (Metro Pharma Phils. c/o Dr. Yvette Lleva-Garcia)