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Quake-Run 2013 @ Ragnar Trail Relay
Vail Lake Resort, Temecula, CA
November 20, 2013

Laugh, cheer, smile, and get teary as a group of marathon runners decided to drive to the outskirts of Temecula, CA and pitched their tents for a race.  The earthquake and typhoon that devastated and rattled Bohol, Leyte, and certain parts of Cebu brought about the convergence of Team DeFeeters and DeFeeters Ultra on November 15-16 at the Ragnar Trail Relay in Vail Lake Resort, Temecula, CA to run and raise funds to help the victims get back on its feet. 
A big thank you to the following donors:

Mile 1-10   Gerard Corros  $50
Mile 11-18 Maryanne Fiel  $40
Mile 19-22 Bonnie Jordan  $20
Mile 23-42 Kathy Daw  $100
Mile 43-46 Teresa Nova  $20
Mile 47-48 Millie Fong  $10
Mile 49-58 Vida Esguerra  $50
Mile 59-62 Gigi Vidal  $20
Mile 63-64 Cash Vidal  $15
Mile 65-69 Mai Mai Liong  $25
Mile 70-79 Pat Sison  $50
Mile 80-86 Andrew Bada  $30
Mile 87-106 Yuching Ma  $100
Mile 107-110 Audrey Jacob  $20
Mile 111-115 Ruby Santiago  $25
Mile 116-135 Judy Sastrillas  $100
Mile 136-155 Eloisa Estanislao  $100
Mile 156-175 Junylin Cabel  $100
Mile 176-183 Leonardo Gatdula  $40
Mile 184-193 Niño Sarvida  $50
Mile 194-203 Cecelia/Daniel Lukasik  $50
Mile 204-209 Brian/Abegail Shibata  $30
Mile 210-213 Icon/Jonas Auza  $20
Mile 214-233 Joseph/Yen Carcallas  $100

Mile 234-240 and Beyond Mr and Mrs David Jones (c/o Carmen Hordista)  $100
Steve Soto de Mayor PA  $40
Anabel Macaso RN  $100
Mo and Agie Banaticla  $100
Debbie Movido  $50
Bessie Santoastaroam  $50
Kathy Daw  $50
Bill Villarta and Gladys Serroje  $200
Caitlin Herlihy  $20
Joan and Bong Coyoca  $50
Rachel and Elmer Maigue  $100
Danielle Baquing  $5
Val Bilbao  $20
jolanta twardowski  $5
marisol Hernandez  $15
Patrick and Shalom Hordista  $200
Caitlin Herlihy  $20
Dr. Nicole Baril  $100
Maria Alvarez  $10
Ann Macias  $25
David and Melinda Trout  $50
Robert and Donna Puzon  $50
Arthur and Lotis Edano  $15
Five Star Healthcare  $500

Overall Total $ 3,040.00

240 miles, 12 runners, 2 teams' DeFeeters and DeFeeters Ultra took more than 22 hours running in the rugged mountains of Cleveland National Forest amidst dirt, mountainous trails, continuous uphill run, unforgiving knee pounding downhill, steep and punishing trails dodging tree stumps and branches, hanging on weeds and plants for the uphill throttle coupled with eerie solitude run at night with only the headlamp as a main source of light. Truly a high endurance marathon run with the goal of pooling funds to help the earthquake and typhoon victims in our homeland. The take-off from a long enduring run compensated with an overnight camping of live band entertainment, yoga, massage, movie, and the comfort of the campfire over food and beer while nestled into the wilderness communing with nature.

High fives to both teams- the Team DeFeeters' eight runners namely Shalom Hordista (Captain), Medette Bacareza, Agie Banaticla, Gladys Serroje, Bill Villarta, Edward Saberon, Charity Tumanan and Kourtney Vidal; the Team DeFeeters' Ultra  four runners namely Patrick Horidsta (Captain), Mo Banaticla, Fritz Santa Ana, Joanna Rivera-Santa Ana. We salute them for bringing in the spirit of a successful marathon run to help our brothers and sisters displaced from their homes while in dire need of basic necessities.  Both teams raised a total of $3,040 and this goes an extra mileage to buy building materials for the homeless.  Cheers!