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Relief Efforts for Typhoon Victims
October 17, 2009

Teamwork and initiative abounds as volunteers respond to call for relief to typhoon victims of Northern Philippinesl… Teresa Sepulveda

Volunteering gives people like us an opportunity to change people's lives, including our own. It is the simplest way of giving something back. If you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by all the sad news back home, volunteering to help can be a great way to cope. Last Saturday, 10/10/09, through the initiative... of The Trio Ladies of BisayaBulletin.Com, a few of us Cebuanos gathered together to sort out and pack/box the donated items that were dropped off throughout the day. Amidst all the fun and laughter, we were able to seal all 25+ balikbayan boxes. At the same time, our young children saw for themselves the Cebuano kindness and generosity, where people just gave freely without counting the cost and without expecting anything in return. Hopefully, it will inspire them to continue to work for a better world and spread some random acts of kindness, here and there! Thank you to all the DONORS. You know who you are! Your donations will definitely go a long way…. Ingrid Atillo

Thank you everyone for the Saturday’s effort in joining hands to aid the typhoon victims in Northern Philippines particularly Evelyn Castanares-Todd, Dulce Calderon, Popoy Go, Winnie Murillo, Marie Murillo, Derrick Murillo, Grace Salonga, Ingrid Atillo, Toti Atillo, Kevin Atillo, Dinah Katindig, Ella Katindig, Paul Uytengsu, Eric Uytengsu, Nico Uytengsu, Daisy Uytengsu, Dotty Bertulfo, Meghan Espeleta, Cherry Corpin, Bernardine Corpin, Cassie Alfafara, Dorothy Villacin, Maddie Romero, Lou Climaco, Angel Alegrado, Trixie Lebumfacil, Enon Cabatingan, Noena Regner, Mike Mediano, Mia Mediano, Ulysses Toling, Doni Antigua, Chito Esmas, and the UP Los Banos group. Twenty five (25) boxes are on its way to the “La Salle Green Hills Alumni Association (LSGHAA). Thank you for your HELP and DONATIONS… Daghang salamat, from the Trio Ladies,
List of events/fund drives to benefit typhoon "Ondoy" victims