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Naga Expats Celebrate Annual Fiesta
by Gerry Malixi
January 24, 2008

From all over California and points beyond, folks originally hailing from Naga, Cebu came together to celebrate their city's annual fiesta which is commemorated every month of October.  Held at the Philippine Village in Eagle Rock, friends and family cut loose and enjoyed an evening of fun and entertainment.  Festively dressed, the participants spent the night catching up and, of course, partaking of the good food.  The banquet hall tables were laden with all sorts of fiesta fare.  The people dug in with gusto, enthusiastically carving up pieces of crispy lechon while piling their platters high with all of the other gastronomic treats.

After appetites were sated, the assemblage was entertained and enthralled by presentations from their very own. with loud, fervent applause punctuating the air after each spirited act.  In between performances, the raffle was held with guests eagerly checking their ticket stubs against the numbers being picked.  A dance instructor led the willing crowd in energetic line dancing while the DJ spun tunes ranging from disco, hip-hop and golden oldies, bringing the people to their feet, with quite a few displaying their very impressive terpsichorean skills.  All in all, a grand old time was had by all.  

This year's fiesta was made possible through the help of a dedicated group of people with the leadership of Manolita Gonzalez and a supportive team of Jun Abayata, Cynthia Ramos, and Agnes Villarico.  There were familiar faces who graced and attended the event namely:  Thelma & Joel Cenabre, Nedda Calvo, Edna Nool, Brenda Panares, Eva Bolano, Gina Babasa-Nolasco, Jojo Bolano, Dodong Coloyan, Liza Alferez, Cris Chan, Oliva Bensales,  Rex Magbanua, Imelda Aroma, Becky Diotay (Balamban Assocn), Linda Lao, Clara Borgonia, Tita Cabrera, Junnalete Ornopia and Duday Paril. 

Many thanks for your efforts and may next year's bash bring as much enjoyment and convivial fun.

Line dancing with Edna Noel and Duday ParilThelma Cenabre with guestVictor and Edna NoelMembers from the Bogo, Naga, and Mandaue Assocn combinedNaga Chairman Manolita Gonzalez with some youth membersLine Dancing with the Dance InstructorBalamban Association with Eva Noel, Oliva Bensales, Imelda Aroma, Becky Diotay, Linda Lao, Clara Borgonia, and Tita CabreraJunnalette Ornopia and Duday ParilJunnalette OrnopiaFeluche Martinez, Marilou Panares, Bebot Martinez & Teresa MartinezLine Dancing with Thelma Cenabre Bebot Martinez and Marilou PanaresLine Dancing with Duday Paril and Marilou PanaresCebu Naganians Assocn Officers, Members and GuestsEva Nole gather with members of the Balamban AssocnMike Mediano, Thelma Cenabre, and Bebot MartinezTeresa Martinez, May Mediano, Feluche Martinez, Thelma Cenabre, Marilou Panares, Bebot Martinez, Joel Cenabre, Manolita Gonzalez and guests.
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