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Mandaue Association of Southern California
Happy Fiesta!
By  May T. Mediano
August 17, 2008

As in every annual fiesta of the true blue Mandauehanons in spirit and at heart, we never fail to acknowledge the warmth and the jubilant attendance as they flocked to the event not only to party with fellow Mandauehanons but also in reverence to St. Joseph, their patron saint.  Together with guests and family friends, everyone gathered to celebrate mass with Fr. Ben Alforque followed by a sumptuous dinner visible with so much lechon.  The program’s master of ceremonies duo Heidy Bacayo-Bond and Mildred Z. Simolde elicit fun and laughter as they interviewed the contestants of the celebrity look-alikes of Ms Virgin Islands, Whitney Houston, and Britney Spears.  The Papaya Dance number was a delight to reckon.  Congratulations to the participants of the “celebrity look alike” contest and the papaya dance number for gamely supporting the fun part of the fiesta.  Your demeanor benefited the audience laughter and highlight of the evening.  And by the way, a cultural dance accompanied by an ensemble of rondalla made us all proud of the visayan culture of music.  And lastly to the officers and committee members of this year’s fiesta, our congratulations and acknowledgements are in order as follows:

2008 Fiesta Committees:
Program/Entertainment - Remedios M. Suico, Ruel Coscos
Decoration - Lita Regner, Nora Heyrosa
Liturgical Services/Choir -  Gus Mayol, Sonia Soriano
Venue -  Amie Zanoria, Joy Mayol
Food - Juliet Russell, Joy Mayol, Ding Santos
Audio/Sounds – Rene Gestopa, Cesar Mayol
Finance/Raffle – Laurel Damole, Gemma Mayol, Malou Suico
Reception/Usher/Usherettes – O. Semense, Nora Heyrosa, Norma Briones, Albert Diola
After Care – Danny Diluvio, Tony Santos, Oscar Suico, Dan Russell, Jessie Suico

Lechon Donors:

Julieta Regner, Oscar & Malu Suico, Henry & Linda de Guia, Nolie & Lel Damole, Phillip &  Almeda Powers, Jose & Evelyln Mendoz, Juliet & Dan Russell, Merla M. Suico Ruben, Almira Suico, Pureza Mayol, Gus & Joy Mayol, Cesar & Evan Mayol, Gabriel Sanchez, Ely & Lorna Perez

Raffle Donors:
1st Prize (Genesis Digital Home Theater Sound System) – Nilo & Aida Zanoria
2nd Prize (Magic Karaoke  System) – Rene & Lenny Gestopa

President – Merla M. Suico
Vice President – Rene Gestopa, Rupert Ouano
Secretary – Ding C. Santos
Treasurer – Laurel C. Damole
PRO – Jess M. Suico
Auditors – Joy M. Mayol, Malu L. Suico
Sgt-at-Arms – Danny Diluvio, Juliet Russell, Gina Arias
Advoisors – Evelyn Mendoza, Henry DeGuia, Cesar M. Mayol, Gus M. Mayol

Happy Fiesta to the Mandauehanons!  Venue was celebrated last May 17, 2008 at the Buena Park Recreation Hall, Buena Park, CA  90620.

Click below to view videos of the fiesta
Oathtaking of the Officers, Mandaue Association of So California
Mandauehanons with their family and guests
Gene & Gilbert Ocampo, Ruth Mancao & Alex Mancao with Mia Mediano
Lovely Mother & Daughter line dancing - Suzette & Gina Arias
Sgt-at-Arms, Gina Arias line dancing with Joy Mayol (background)

Master of Ceremonies duo, Heidy Bacayo-Bond and Mildred Z. Simolde
Program Committee, Ruel Coscos
President, Merla M. Suico
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