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The 1st  KM Tri-E  -  North America Reunion
By  Jesus Mario J. Verallo
July 19,2008
It was not even close to be as epical as the  1969  Woodstock  Festival,  but  being  the  first gathering after decades in their adapted country and in only six months from  Day 1 the idea was hatched by  Brod  Mars Pastor, the  Kappa MU Tri-Epsilon  Fraternity North America Reunion came out pretty well organized, much, much more than hoped it would be and importantly, a very memorable event.
The  University of San Carlos‘ fraternity accepted at least third year students from the colleges of mechanical and electrical engineering,  hence  the  Greek  acronym,  KM Tri-E.   The  reunion was  mainly centered on the premise that after 54 years since the founding of the fraternity,  most of the brods are,  as what  Brod  Mars  termed,  in the September-October years of their lives, and for a fact, 42 members are already in the “Gone Ahead” list.
Through  the  Southern  California  resident  brods’  joint  effort  and  cooperation, the Organizing  Committee  headed  by Brod Carlito Dobluis  worked  out  the  blueprints  of the event preparation,  backed by  Brods Tony Estoque, Raul Jimenez,  Ven Darcera,  Winston Misa,  Mar Avila,  Art Yuliongsiu, Ric Paracuelles, Roy Gacasan,  Panky Perez, Joe Acol, Fred Diaz, Boy Mercado, & Mario Verallo  in 4 separate meetings. The wives, respectively, Paulette, Sally, Carmen, Ledy, Pat, Violeta, Inday, Joy, Dolly, Rita, Erma, Perla, Susan, & Stella, as well, pitched in the meal aspect during the meetings.


The June 20, 2008 Friday Welcome Night, the June 21 Saturday morning General meeting, and the evening Gala Night were held at the Holiday Inn (Penthouse Social Hall) - Buena Park,  California, & the June 22 Picnic at Cerritos Park East, Cerritos California.  Fr. Mar Alingasa, SVD,  of the  University of San Carlos,  came in from the  Philippines,  specifically to be with the fraternity celebration and  joined  everyone  and    the out-of-town  brods,   Intoy & Ellen Palacio  of  Cebu City;   Mars Pastor,  Leo & Baby Bontuyan of  Maryland;  Cesar & Cleo Paez of  Florida;   Arturo Sr. & Lydia Rusiana,   Richel  &  Emily Trocio  of  Illinois;  Eli Monares,    Ric & Nerissa Gacasan   of  New Jersey;    Art Sanchez,    Neting & Lorie Codina   of   Texas;    Frank & Lucy Cabugwason  of  Nevada;   Julius & Jeanette Corazo,   Vic & Dolly Orcullo  of  Canada;   Leo & Bella Yau  of Oregon; Northern California’s Rudy & Zenny Segura, George & Carol Aldeguer, Noling & Laura Labaria, Joey & Nattie Garces, Tino &  Fely Cadigal, & Ed Muyco; from Chula Vista, Ca, Art & Lee Gairanod  & Rancho Cordova, Ca, Tarcisio & Lydia de la Victoria.

The Brods (Welcome Night)

…. And their Ladies

A  set of  North  America  KM Tri-E  officers  were elected during the  General Meeting,  with  Winston Misa  as  Most Exalted Brother,  Mars Pastor  as  Exalted Brother – East Coast,  Boy Mercado  as  Exalted Brother – West Coast,   Intoy Palacio as Exalted  Brother – Philippines, Brother Exchequer  Ric Paracuelles, Auditor Raul Jimenez, &  Brother Keeper of Records Mario Verallo.
The Gala Night was highlighted with Fr. Mar Alingasa’s invocation, pinning ceremony (this time, done by the wives), induction of officers, distribution of outstanding achievement awards (to Mars Pastor, Intoy Palacio, & Leo Yau), followed by dinner, dancing, and dancing, and dancing.

The Gala Night


Sunday Picnic

One of the items agreed during the General Meeting was to have another reunion in  2010  in Cebu City.  For this reason, the Fraternity is urging its members to “advertise” to those who may not know of the next planned reunion.  There is an important objective to regain the KM Tri-E recognition  as it used to be, thru scholastic projects in USC and the task could be made a lot effective if more brods will be aware and have everyone’s cooperation. 

For specifics, please email inquiries to:
   Winston Misa
   Intoy Palacio
   Mars Pastor
   Boy Mercado
The 1st North America KM Tri-E Reunion, truly a litmus test, conclusively proved that the gears are still in motion & high voltage still exist in those 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s engineers.

The KM Tri-E Fraternity expresses its fullest gratitude to the’s prime movers, Stella, May, & Teresa,
for the opportunity of using the popularly visited  website to carry out its objectives.