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BBC Turns “One”
October 10, 2008

As we near the close of our first year, we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone, contributors and readers for your continued support.  Thank you for the strong interest since BBC was formed, September 27, 2007, and we will increasingly continue to serve our readers around the world.  More growth opportunities have emerged; readers and numerous contributors drive our growth to position BBC well for continued success.

In our message to you, dated May 31, 2008 (Spring Fling Picnic Event – Happy Bisaya Day), we announced our 2nd Bisaya Picnic Day to be a day to inspire awareness and appreciation of our Visayan heritage.  We embarked this opportunity to advance a new networking of Bisaya camaraderie.  Family and friends from Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and as far as our grassroots in Cebu, Bohol, Davao came together to celebrate and support our first charitable event, our 1st BBC Annual Golf Tournament which underscored our continuing commitment to support the street children of Cebu City through Sr. Marcia of the Good Shepherd Convent. 

Our milestones covered an interdependent, shared and collaborative approach across business lines:  with Publisher Eva Gullas for the successful book launching of “Cebu Beach Houses” and Zee Lifestyle magazine subscription; Jackee Gullas-Weckman for “Lola Andreas” tablea; Alan Mann’s rental property, “Lakehouse Inn”, Precy Marban’s “Cebu Online GiftShoppe”, anonymous contributor’s real estate depot, “”, Marlyna Orat Sevilla’s, “The Living Past”,  and our dear Kulas- Gil Maningo’s “Sungkaan ni Ingko Kulas” for his artistry in design and branding, t-shirts, photography, and more… his corner is yet to be launched!

We have a strong pipeline of contributors and emerging prospects expected to sustain and drive continued growth.  New  and existing contributors in no particular order:  Cora Quisumbing-King, Mia Magsaysay-Cuenco, Gaye Lopez-Strambu, Sylvia Fortich, Christina Reynes, Dr. Gualberto Sanchez, Me-anne Alcordo Solomon, Elly Verallo Delavin, Maribeth Jumao-as Macalintal, Manolita Gonzalez, Gil “Kulas” Maningo, Benito Miranda, Mark Canton, Lorna Dietz-Lardizabal, Joy Martinez-Onozawa, Claribel Ybanez, Gerry Malixi, Evelyn Castanares Todd, Lydia Aliganga, Fred Umabong, Dr. Henry Yu, Joe Medida, Anton “Onyot” De Leon, Mai Estuart-Sciarratta, Grand Master Bobby Taboada, Marlyna Orat-Sevilla, Precy Marban, Dr. Anita Cal-Jackson, Ramon Barriga, Tessie Siongco, Elton Lugay, Josie Mananquil, Dr. Ed Gamboa, Linda Nietes, Dr. Suzy Solano-Ignacio, Amy Sol Ignacio, Ian Estuart, Delio Serrano, Drs. Perry and Peachy Lee, Myrfi Gonzalez, Cesar & Augs Mayol, Julian Climaco, Alex Mancao, Dr. Danette Ergina, Maida Mancao-Napolitano, Elena Sy, Felix Tan, Dante and Grace Antigua, Christ'l and Rene Mendoza, Jackie Balankig, Betsy Moreno, and more from a strong platform of networking.                

As we begin to share our capabilities across business lines, contributors, readers, and emerging prospects, we look forward to be transitioning to a collaboration and creation of pride “sa atong pagka Bisayâ.”  During the coming months, there will be a number of opportunities to learn more about BBC as we gather our resources, promote and acknowledge the global “Bisayâ.”  We encourage everyone to use this platform to learn more and talk about our identity.  Our intent is to bring an awareness and pride to the global Bisaya, the discovery and/or rediscovery of the “binisayâ“ - meaning the way of the Bisayâ.

Daghang Salamat.

Trio Ladies,


May, Stella & Teresa.    Photo credit: Gil "Kulas" Maningo