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Spring Fling Picnic Event – Happy Bisaya  Day!

Spring Fling Picnic Event!  A day intended to inspire awareness, and appreciation of our Visayan heritage.  While some regions of the world where Visayans live and work cannot interact with fellow “Bisayâ”, our website enhances and sustains our inherent Bisayâ and ways of the Binisayâ.  We would like to take this opportunity to discuss this very important event and BBC’s efforts to contribute to sustainable Binisayâ practices.
Our Purpose - As reflected in our BBC Purpose statement – “Visayans around the world will be united by a common purpose – to enhance and expand our identity through networking” – our website is committed to leveraging a unique and virtual role of our services to fellow Visayans and positively contributes to a better understanding of identity and culture.  In so doing, we are celebrating the annual picnic event to increase and service a growing Bisaya population not only concentrating our location here in Southern California but creating a virtual presence intended to service and connect Visayans throughout the globe.

We at BBC, together with our growing contributors embrace this responsibility highlighted in our 2nd annual Bisaya Picnic this coming May 31st.  At the same time, we are pleased to announce that we are launching our first charitable event, our 1st BBC Annual Golf Tournament that underscores our commitment to support the street children of Cebu City through the efforts of Sr. Marcia of the Good Shepherd Convent.  Our terrific examples of working our sustainability in achieving our goals: 1 – Successful Book Launching Event of Cebu Beach Houses in the heart of Historic Filipino Town; 2 – Solicit advertisements; 3 – Create the Tabuan Market Place to generate sales in conjunction with our increasing network of providers; 4 – Lastly, increase our sponsorship to contribute to sustainability of BBC through your donations, AD placements, and purchase items in Tabuan Marketplace. 

Eight months from inception, we have demonstrated an increased following of readers and contributors.  In closing, we would like to thank each of you for making sustainable practices part of the way that we do for this website.  We can think of few contributors who have made a lot of significant effort in helping us position our website.  To name that few-and in no particular order-- Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz, Jackee Gullas Weckman, Eva C. Gullas, Gil Maningo, Flor Ynclino,  Fred Umabong, Marc Canton, Dr. Ed Gamboa, Alan and Edna Mann, Tessie Siongco, Gerry Malixi, Felix Tan, Ian Estuart, Joy Walsh, Mai Sciarratta, Dr. Henry Yu, Dr. Anita Jackson, Ramon Barriga, Oscar and Daisy Ramirez, Cesar and Augs Mayol, Joy Onozawa, Joel Martinez, Jonathan and Garnet Caritan, Precy Marban, Alex and Evelyn Todd, Frank Esmas, Christina Reynes, Delio Serrano, Joe Medida, Anton de Leon, Lito Batino, Bobby Taboada, Elena Sy, Alex Mancao, Sam de Guzman, Claribel Ybanez, Annie Steele, Ligaya Flores, Lorena Lloren, Auralee Sepulveda, Dinah Katindig, Fiza Du,  Elton Lugay, Dr. Perry and Peachy Lee, Linda Nietes, Marisa de los Santos, Benito Miranda, Luz Bayot, Dr. Danette Ergina, Christ'l and Rene Mendoza, Herbert Herrera, Bisdocs of Alabama, Raquel and Mike Cusi, Ramon and Ola Quijano, Nene Gaabucayan, Ike Sepulveda, Kay Martinez, Phil Rivera, Leo and Gemma Montegrande, Myrfi Gonzales, Romy Borje of Balita, Dr. Gualbert Sanchez, but first and foremost, to our dedicated husbands for allowing us to share the commitment and talent to truly make a difference in the future of the Bisayâ. 

Happy Bisaya Picnic to All!

Trio Ladies,