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Happy Holidays!
The Holiday season is in full swing.  We are in the midst of December and for those of you who are in their usual quandry about what to give this year to spouses, partners, children, relatives, and friends, no gift is more meaningful than the thought that counts.  Let's seize the season!  Let's not shortchange ourselves by being too casual but be more spiritual in the gift of giving.  All things considered, we the editors, devote ourselves to every article that we wrote, and we loved doing all the interaction with our readers.  We scored a bull's eye in servicing our readers to reach out to long lost connections and transcending these connections to the different territories in USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, and the Philippines. And our guest entries, from different places, of different ages, kept coming and kept inspiring us to continue this advocacy of promoting our heritage through the various cultures and organizations.  In this age of so-called individualism, we are able to connect and it's cool.  But perhaps it came to mind-- perhaps that it is through this holiday season that we, the editors, become reflective and thoughtful of the many possible ideas that we can create and how we can add more value to this advocacy. 

To our contributors and readers, "Maayong Pasko kaninyong tanan." Cheers to good health, family relationships, and more blessings to come our way, and may we have enough charm and have a knack for making everyone that comes into our lives feel important, beautiful, and cherished. 
"Tis the season to be jolly, let's sing with our hearts out and soothe the souls of all within.  As the popular Christmas Visayan song goes, "Kasadya ning taknaa, dapit sa kahimayaan, mao ra'y atong makita, ang tagbalay nga masanagon...... and so on and on and on.
We hope you and your families have a wonderful 2007 as we have here at BBC.  Watch out for our New Year's Eve photos and celebration from all of us. 

Happy Holidays!


"From our little Visayan corner to the global community"

A fountain at Basilica de Sto. Nino during Christmas season. A white parol in the background