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by Precy Mansueto Marban
December 11, 2007
Photos provided by concerned Bantayanons

With a humble beginning, a small group of Bantayanons here in the East Coast  decided to form an organization (ABA, Inc.- Association of Bantayanons in America) to benefit the less fortunate Bantayanons back in the island. It is only a very small group yet the mission is really big- to help poor and deserving Bantayan high school graduating students and equip the only hospital in the island comprising Bantayan, Madridejos and Sta. Fe with some needed medical supplies and equipment. That was in the summer of 1995.

Since then, fundraising activities were done annually. Lucky enough, 12 scholars have graduated from college already. Currently, there are 14 scholars enrolled in different colleges in Cebu City and Bantayan Island and about $8,500 worth of medical equipment and supplies have been given to the hospital. They have shipped also several boxes of books to support some of the school libraries in the island.

ABA, Inc. is very grateful to all the donors who have financially supported their cause  and to those who have given their precious time to help the group. The donors are both Bantayanons and non-Bantayanons as well. These wholehearted and generous donors have helped them through all the years.

To fulfill its 2008 goals and thereafter, ABA, Inc. is asking for help again. Donations to ABA, tax deductible under Section 501 (c) 3.  IRS and State registrations can be accessed via the internet and type the word “Bantayanon” in:  for their IRS registration and  for their state tax filings.

Check donations can be made payable and mailed to:

Association of Bantayanons in America, Inc.
22 Forest Road
Allendale NJ 07401

A written receipt will be sent to you for your tax records.

For inquiries, please contact:

George Baruc             
Dong Escalona           
Precy Mansueto Marban

To know more about ABA, Inc., please visit

Bantayan Church
Holy Week Procession
The famous Sta. Fe beach
The Association of Bantayanons in America, Inc. reunion with 15 of ABA's scholars. At present, 12 scholars have graduated from ABA's College Scholarship Program and 14 are currently enrolled in various colleges and universities in Cebu and Bantayan.
The Association of Bantayanons in America, Inc. donated $2,000.00 worth of medical equipment and supplies to Bantayan District Hospital for the year 2007. Over $8,500.00 was donated to the hospital over the years of ABA's existence.
ABA, Inc. annual picnic at the Land of August Compound at the Ortega Ossner in Colt's Neck, New Jersey.
Punta Lawis, Madridejos