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Congratulations, Worshipful Alex Y. Mancao!
Written by May T. Mediano
March 8, 2008

On January 6, 2008, Worshipful Alex Y. Mancao was installed as Master of Southern California Lodge #529, Westchester Masonic Center located at Playa Del Rey, CA, making everyone proud.  Having been chosen as the first Bisaya to head a Lodge previously led by a long line of distinguished masters and which current members are predominantly Caucasian is a testament to his esteemed leadership abilities.  With the full support of his loving wife, Ruth Mancao, and daughters, Alexandria, Alyssa and Alana, our dear Alex Mancao's accession was a gathering abounding with warmth and love emanating from the presence of family, friends, and the attendance of members from various California Masonic Lodges - #377 Artesia Sunrise, #378 Granada Hills, #567 Pacific Rim, #614 Atwater Larchmont, #767 William Rhodes Hervey – and out-of-state Lodges from New York, Manila, Cebu and Canada.  The ceremony’s highlights included the Master's endearing message and Alana’s, Alex’s youngest daughter, interpretation of a piano interlude from the Broadway musical, "Jekyll & Hyde", which she lovingly dedicated to her father.  Master Mancao’s plans for 2008 include a line-up of fund raising events, including a "Filipino Night" which intends to introduce Filipino culture to the American community of Masons.
A festive reception followed the installation ceremony with Bro. Bob Laurente singing his heart to the tune of "Pure Imagination", "Me & Mrs. Jones", "Around the World", and the lovely couple, Alex & Ruth dancing to their favorite song, "Witchita Lineman".  Music and entertainment provided by Bob Summers and his Band with Bro. Mike Mediano on the keyboards. Go Alex!

2008 Officers of the Lodge
Master - Alex Mancao
Senior Warden - Jason Conte
Junior Warden - Anthony W. Fox
Treasurer - George Anthony Weiner
Secretary - Joe Goldwine
Chaplain - Charles Mark Steiger
Senior Deacon - John F. Drewery Sr.
Junior Deacon - Danny Rojas
Marshall - Alan Quon
Senior Steward - Eduardo Mendoza
Junior Steward - Walter H. Mueller
Organist - Melvin Fineberg
Tiler - Michael R. Glaser
Asst. Tiler - Mark Glaser
Asst. Secretary - J. Richard Pierce, PM

Worshipful Alex Y. Mancao is an independent contractor of Termite Control (wood destroying organism).  He has been in business since 1991 servicing the counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Santa Barbara.  His office is located in Chino Hills, CA.  

Informational (source:

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MILITARY LEADERS: Omar Bradley, John J. Pershing, Douglas McArthur, General Winfield Scott, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, General Mark Clark, General George C. Marshall

FINE ARTS: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (and his father, Leopold), Ludwig von Beethoven, Jean Sibelius, Franz Liszt, Josef Haydn, Irving Berlin, Gutzon Borglum, Charles W. Peale, Alfons M. Mucha, John Philip Sousa, both Gilbert & Sullivan, George Gershwin, George M. Cohen, Count Basie, Nat King Cole, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Signmund Romberg

ACTORS: John Wayne, Red Skelton, Clark Gable, W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Burl Ives, Roy Rogers, Danny Thomas, Ernest Borgnine, Oliver Hardy, Tom Mix, Audie Murphy, Gene Autry, Wallace Beery, Eddie Cantor

And many more.... at

L-R: Melvin Finberg, John Drewery, Eduardo Mendoza, Jose Conte, Mark Steiger, Alex Mancao, Alan Quon, Anthony Fox Jr., Danny Rojas, Joe Goldwine, Michael Glaser, Walter Muehler
Alex Mancao with the members and family of Westcheser Masonic Center - Lodge #529
Vada & Michael Newfield with a guest
Maggie Summers and Michelle Carroll
Mark Glaser, Michael Glaser, Walter Mueller, Alan Quon, Danny Rojas, Joe Goldwine, Anthony Fox, Alex Mancao, Jason Conte, Charles Mark Steiger, John Drewery Sr., Eduardo Mendoza, Melvin Finberg, J. Richard Pierce

Mancao Family--Alyssa, Alana, Alex, Ruth, and Alexandria
View videos of the occasion:
*Post Installation March
*Dancing to "September"
*Swinging to "Missed my Lovin" & "Love Boat"
Gilbert & Gene Ocampo, with fellow brother from Atwater Larchmont Lodge #614
Fellow brothers from Atwater Larchmont Lodge #614