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Looking for a scholarship to study abroad or in the Philippines?

Providing access to education to the Filipino

This is the advocacy - to help educate the Filipino.

After three years of working for a school-based legal NGO (The Ateneo Human Rights Center), it has come to the attention of the author that education activities have always come up as one of the steps to curing the ills of our country. Education will always play an important role to the development of the Philippines. To help educate the Filipino, the author from Cebu set up a website compiling data on education opportunities to provide the Filipinos access to education through the internet.  The website is sponsored by the Boholano technology firm Auza.Net, courtesy of its technology consultant, Jerome Auza. With a vast resource such as the internet, finding scholarships particularly available to the Filipino can be daunting.  To save other future scholars the inconvenience of spending countless hours surfing, the site  was created.
Through the years, Filipinos have been recipients of scholarships, awards, grants and fellowships sponsored by governments, foundations, private schools, corporations and individuals.  Contrary to popular notion that scholarships are only for geniuses or the uber talented, they are actually available to the average Filipino as well.  A wide range of scholarships are available based on merit, need, talent or special circumstances.  The next scholar could be you, your friend or any of your family members.  It is a matter of finding the right opportunity and effectively acting on such.
Help educate the Filipino and lead our country to progress. 

Meet one of our readers. Myrfi Gonzales, a recipient of a scholarship from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana , USA.  She wrote to us and authored a valuable message to share...